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I was flipping through the  NY Times yesterday and i saw a story about the AT&T Microcell tower. What is that you might ask? It’s a personal tower that you can have in your home so as to eliminate the no reception problems that many of us have experienced from time to time. If you’re thinking like i’m thinking you’re saying “that’s amazing!” – especially if you live in NYC. But wait, there’s a catch, you have to BUY this little box of dopeness yourself (which officially makes it uncool). The question i’m trying to figure out is this…will the die hard iphone owners who can’t live without the iphone buy this little device? Probably. Should the cost of service be adjusted for the cost of the tower? Definitely…but knowing AT&T that will never happen.


a creative PUSH…

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Over the last few years the evolution of the “independent” hip hop scene can pretty much be surmised in one word… interesting. When i say “independent,” i’m talking about music being created outside of the music label system. Recently, artists like Kid Cudi and Drake were each able to gain notoriety through singles that created main stream awareness long before either of them were signed to a label. In the past, when rappers wanted to demonstrate their lyrical prowess, they simply created a Mix Tape (think 50 Cent in 2001). What the “mixtape” showed were rappers who could flow over a catchy/recognizable beat, while (more times than not) following a delivery cadence that had already been perfected by the songs originator. Could you call both examples “independent”? Sort of, but…not exactly.

Not too long ago i came across a dude – Shane Eli – who had a unique approach to how he was going to “independently” make it in the hip hop game. He was first going to make his own beats (using a motley crew of instruments strewn across his bedroom and his trusty Mac Book Pro that has probably seen better days). Second, he was then going to turn his bedroom closet into a recording booth. And third, with the help of some of his trusted and also multi-talented friends…he planned on mixing and mastering his first ALBUM alone…yea you read that right, i said ALBUM, not single. Talking about ambitious!!!

Did i think he was crazy…admittedly, a little. BUT, i found myself believing and looking forward to what this dude could put together.

Fast forward to last week…I get an email with a link to an album sampler…i open the link and i sit back and watch/listen to what Shane Eli had put together for his soon to drop album – THE PUSH. I’ve got to say, to say i was impressed would be an understatement. After the sampling…i did what any music head would do…i dropped him a line asking to hear the entire album.

I’m happy to say (after a thorough listen) the dude delivered and i look forward to further tracking his progress…


Snabba Cash

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Or, if we go with the english translation – EASY MONEY – is one of the stronger films i’ve seen this year. This Danish film that was directed by Daniel Espinosa reminded me a little of JUST ANOTHER LOVE STORY (dir. Ole Bornedal), GO WITH PEACE JAMIL (dir. Omar Shargawi) and UN PROPHETE (dir. Jacques Audiard). Gritty as hell when the scenes called for it, yet surprisingly polished – when breaking down the overall look of the film. It’s been awhile since i’ve enjoyed myself as much as i did last night while watching this morality tale of sorts on the big screen.

Check out the trailer and definitely see the film….

George Lois

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I wasn’t quite aware of the impact George Lois had on both the advertising world as well as popular culture in his day. The man for which Don Draper (Mad Men) is supposed to be based upon; I’ve found him to be extraordinarily interesting and ahead of his time. I read an article in the New York Magazine that discusses his 12 favorite Esquire covers (he was a consultant for the magazine) that he conceptualized. Absolutely mind-blowing what he was saying with the images he chose to put on the cover of Esquire.

a truly fantastic read… enjoy

My favorite cover of his…


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Let me first apologize that lately, all of my blogs have been music related. It’s easiest right now to post/talk about the music i’m listening to due to my life/work being crazy as hell these days. I promise there will be postings of other cool things tomorrow. real talk…

But….while we are on the topic of music, i heard a song today that immediately became a “repeat bandit” – sidebar – that phrase just might stick “repeat bandit” – ha!

The song…OVER by Drake. I’ve got to say, after hearing this track, my anticipation for his album just went through the roof. After the So Far Gone mixtape i’ve sort of pressed pause on Drake…but now i’m yelling PRESS PLAY!!

enjoy …

Causers of this…

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Early on in this blogging endeavor i posted a little blip about Toro y Moi…

At the time, his album hadn’t dropped yet so i couldn’t speak to the whole experience of what is now titled CAUSERS OF THIS.

The album has quickly become that chill album that stays on repeat while i work. My favorite track… Imprint After.


You’re standing in the sea…

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Sometimes you come across road blocks (be it physical or emotional) that you genuinely dont know how you are going to get past. You rack your brain, you analyze the problem and you come up blank.

Today, i came across one of those moments…i was running and my body wanted to shut it down (my knee was literally screaming “stop!”) and right before i hit the stop button…i heard a new song come on my ipod…

The baseline…a distorted thumping…that voice in the background “oh”ing over the thumping…and then that first verse hit:

“cross the street from your storefront cemetary
hear me hailing from inside and realize
i am the conscience clear
in pain or ecstasy
and we were all weaned my dear
upon the same fatigue”

Next thing you know the song is ending and i’ve just run further than i thought i could. Sometimes i guess all we need is a little something to take your mind off of everything…

Staring At The Sun – by TV On The Radio