What inspires me….fashion

I decided today to do a series of post on stuff that inspires me. Be it music, fashion, books, or magazines…today will be a glimpse into what is currently pushing me forward.

That being said, lets start with Fashion. At the start of the year (literally New Year’s day), i found myself walking down a street in San Francisco with a friend and we came upon a store that caught my eye: THE BROOKLYN CIRCUS…(see picture below). Naturally, the store was closed but when i got back home, i looked up the store online and ever since, i’ve been in awe of the level of individuality that this crew is able to achieve by how they approach fashion.

In the morning, when i’m thinking about just tossing on something to hurry up and get to work, i now find myself asking two very simple questions…”what does my outfit say about me? am I anywhere in this outfit?” You’d be surprised what dressing with a purpose actually does.

Love the clothes, love the look, love the goal of the brand….check it out http://thebkcircus.com/bkc/


~ by amoralgrey on April 27, 2010.

2 Responses to “What inspires me….fashion”

  1. I totally agree. How you greet the world each day (via fashion & attitude) is your photograph in motion. Michael Jordan once said, he does a trial-run of outfit selecting just to make sure its the look that speaks for him. I like to do the same…on a budget that is.

  2. i love this series on inspiration, be it fashion, music, arts– the likes (sorry, i just had to leave another comment).

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