I was flipping through the  NY Times yesterday and i saw a story about the AT&T Microcell tower. What is that you might ask? It’s a personal tower that you can have in your home so as to eliminate the no reception problems that many of us have experienced from time to time. If you’re thinking like i’m thinking you’re saying “that’s amazing!” – especially if you live in NYC. But wait, there’s a catch, you have to BUY this little box of dopeness yourself (which officially makes it uncool). The question i’m trying to figure out is this…will the die hard iphone owners who can’t live without the iphone buy this little device? Probably. Should the cost of service be adjusted for the cost of the tower? Definitely…but knowing AT&T that will never happen.


~ by amoralgrey on April 8, 2010.

One Response to “AT&T…”

  1. i switched from AT&T 7 months ago and told them that the only way they could keep me was if they built me…


    coincidence? i think not.

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