a creative PUSH…

Over the last few years the evolution of the “independent” hip hop scene can pretty much be surmised in one word… interesting. When i say “independent,” i’m talking about music being created outside of the music label system. Recently, artists like Kid Cudi and Drake were each able to gain notoriety through singles that created main stream awareness long before either of them were signed to a label. In the past, when rappers wanted to demonstrate their lyrical prowess, they simply created a Mix Tape (think 50 Cent in 2001). What the “mixtape” showed were rappers who could flow over a catchy/recognizable beat, while (more times than not) following a delivery cadence that had already been perfected by the songs originator. Could you call both examples “independent”? Sort of, but…not exactly.

Not too long ago i came across a dude – Shane Eli – who had a unique approach to how he was going to “independently” make it in the hip hop game. He was first going to make his own beats (using a motley crew of instruments strewn across his bedroom and his trusty Mac Book Pro that has probably seen better days). Second, he was then going to turn his bedroom closet into a recording booth. And third, with the help of some of his trusted and also multi-talented friends…he planned on mixing and mastering his first ALBUM alone…yea you read that right, i said ALBUM, not single. Talking about ambitious!!!

Did i think he was crazy…admittedly, a little. BUT, i found myself believing and looking forward to what this dude could put together.

Fast forward to last week…I get an email with a link to an album sampler…i open the link and i sit back and watch/listen to what Shane Eli had put together for his soon to drop album – THE PUSH. I’ve got to say, to say i was impressed would be an understatement. After the sampling…i did what any music head would do…i dropped him a line asking to hear the entire album.

I’m happy to say (after a thorough listen) the dude delivered and i look forward to further tracking his progress…



~ by amoralgrey on March 22, 2010.

One Response to “a creative PUSH…”

  1. I followed the link and heard the sampler. All i can say (for a not-so-found-of-rap-person), there were 3 people dancing in the kitchen that day–myself, my daughter & my almost 2 year old grandson.

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