You’re standing in the sea…

Sometimes you come across road blocks (be it physical or emotional) that you genuinely dont know how you are going to get past. You rack your brain, you analyze the problem and you come up blank.

Today, i came across one of those moments…i was running and my body wanted to shut it down (my knee was literally screaming “stop!”) and right before i hit the stop button…i heard a new song come on my ipod…

The baseline…a distorted thumping…that voice in the background “oh”ing over the thumping…and then that first verse hit:

“cross the street from your storefront cemetary
hear me hailing from inside and realize
i am the conscience clear
in pain or ecstasy
and we were all weaned my dear
upon the same fatigue”

Next thing you know the song is ending and i’ve just run further than i thought i could. Sometimes i guess all we need is a little something to take your mind off of everything…

Staring At The Sun – by TV On The Radio



~ by amoralgrey on March 1, 2010.

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