kinda true

When i saw this image i couldn’t help but smile. At first i laughed at the whimsy of it, but then a couple days ago i had drinks with a woman and i realized two hours later i hadn’t picked up my blackberry once. My first thought, “oh shit, what if i missed an email.” But after a few minutes (and my pulse returning to normal), I was a little shocked by how sad my reality was at that particular moment. As much as we try to give things (work, kids, family, lover) our undivided attention, when we’re connected…you are just that, connected. But when you’re SO connected, are you ever really connected to anything (clearly i’m not the first to ask this question)?

Sometimes i think about the days before the 3 million various forms of communication. I remember how special it was to get that phone call at exactly the time the girl told you she would call (luckily for you, you had made sure NO ONE in your family got on the phone and tied up the line). Or, going on a date and not competing with the cell phone that has become the third wheel (with it’s flashing red light) who always chimes in at the worst moments. It was nice to be connected to the person instead of being connected to a device.

I miss the days of being present…

So, i guess it is indeed a big thing to say “i love you more than my blackberry.”

gotta love it…


~ by amoralgrey on January 14, 2010.

One Response to “kinda true”

  1. Amazing isn’t it? In such a short time, technology w/good intentions has rearranged and changed our daily lives, our norms, our patterns. It’s nice to be “present” without guilt and reconnect to our beings.

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