Is he the GREATEST ever…

It’s hard for me when i listen to basketball enthusiast say things like, “Lebron James will be the greatest player to ever play the game.” Or, “Kobe is the next Jordan.” Child of the 80’s I am. Chicago native…yea that too. To compare anyone to Jordan is damn near sacrilegous in my eyes. Lately i’ve been asked to put my bias aside and answer a simple basketball question, “Is Kobe Bryant the greatest basketball player to ever step on the hardwood?”

My immediate answer…NO. But then i began to break a few things down. From a scoring perspective, he’s the greatest scorer i’ve ever seen. Yes i acknowledge that the NBA is a lot softer today than it was in the “Bad Boy” 80’s era. However, when i watch Kobe play…he dismantles teams. Not just the person who’s been given the undesirable task of guarding him…he takes the entire team apart. From a basketball IQ level, he orchestrates the game in a way that i’ve only seen a handful of players orchestrate a game. Not just offensively…watch the way Kobe roams and picks when he will attack the oppositions greatest offensive liability – it’s like a lion picking on the lame gazelle (except no one in the NBA is actually lame).

Do I believe Kobe is a better defensive player than Jordan…No. Do i think Kobe is a better scorer…Yes. Do i think Kobe is as good a closer as Jordan…about equal in my opinion. Jordan was a killer when the game was on the line…and i can actually say that no game is out of reach when Kobe is on the court either and if it’s in his hands when the clock is winding down, Kobe’s just as likely to hit a shot that will leave you mouthing “wow.” In case you’re wondering why i’m comparing Kobe to Jordan, answer is simple, “who’s a greater basketball player than MJ?” If Kobe is said to be the best, gotta stack him up against the best.

if you don’t believe me when i talk about what Kobe does…watch this video

and then when you’re done, listen to the song Lil Wayne made about Kobe (ha!)


~ by amoralgrey on November 22, 2009.

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