tha carter…

Rapper extraordinare…check…young mogul…check…polarized personality…check…Codine addict??? Yea, check that box too.

Much has been said in the months since this years Sundance film festival about Adam Lough’s documentary THE CARTER. A lot more was said when the film almost didn’t make it to the light of day due to a legal battle between the film maker and his subject. After seeing the movie, I can now speak to why so many loved the doc as well as why Mr. Carter tried his hardest to make sure no one saw it. As a music junkie and a Lil Wayne fan, there’s nothing quite like watching the birth of some of the more clever lyrics you’ll hear on the radio today.

There’s also nothing like watching a 25 year old icon speak openly about a childhood that was non-existant (i mean, sex at 11 and first child at 15 isn’t a childhood in my book). There were moments during the doc where I had a tough time not feeling terribly sad only to be laughing hysterically a moment later.

All of this to say…THE CARTER is a doc to see.

i may be bias because of the music though. Check out the trailer



~ by amoralgrey on November 11, 2009.

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