this is it…

Amidst the enthusiasm of everyone who held similar sentiments for the greatest entertainer that ever lived, i braved the crowds and went and saw THIS IS IT. There aren’t enough words to describe what Michael Jackson brought to his craft. As I watched the documentary there were a number of things that kept running through my mind. The list of my thoughts looks a little like this

– How is he 50 years old…he still moves so well! God he’s in great shape (singing and dancing like this..nothing short of amazing)

– Is this guy behind me really going to scream and sing along with every single song? Wait a second, i’m singing along and yelling too 😉

– When i was six i knew this entire dance…i wonder if i can still do it (without embarrassing myself)…unlikely. BUT, MIKE CAN!!

– The sheer spectacle of this concert would’ve blown people away. I’m so happy that i get to see a glimpse of what it was going to be, and still so sad that it never happened.

– He can’t really be gone right…he was so GREAT. Damn.

this is it


~ by amoralgrey on November 6, 2009.

One Response to “this is it…”

  1. …i wanted to cry out of shear movement… i’ve always deeply loved Michael Jackson. the sound of his voice is magic and to watch him move is like an alien came down and took over his body. he is simply GENIUS! Einstein. Picasso. Aristole & Socrates. Now Michael.

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