Shopping for me has always been one of those things where the layout and ambiance of the store can literally affect whether or not i’m willing to spend money. I used to date this girl who loved to shop at those stores where she literally had to spend an hour or so sorting through s*** just to find that one shirt she saw in a magazine. Those types of stores literally make my head hurt. I cant bring myself to cross the threshold, fake smile at the greeter who is fake smiling at me, endure the overplayed pop song that is screeching across the speaker system…only to give unsaid annoying clothing company my money.

Fortunately for me, i live in LA where there is no shortage of boutique stores that share similar sentiments about what a pleasant shopping experience should be. Recently, a friend of mine told me to visit a new boutique called CRAFT (just south of Melrose, on La Cienega). “Totally your style aesthetic. lifestyle store for sure”, was the way Craft was described to me. Naturally, i stopped by to check it out and what do ya know….my friend was absolutely right.

Beautiful layout, fantastic lighting throughout, visuals – on point, and most importantly…an eclectic mix of quality and well designed “classic americana work wear.” Check the pix…you’ll see what i mean.

p.s. don’t look for a sign on the building…it doesn’t exist. you’re gonna have to park and actually…walk until you see a store that just oozes cool.






~ by amoralgrey on November 6, 2009.

2 Responses to “Craft…”

  1. now this is nice, and I’m not even a guy. very strategic layout and appeasing to the eye.

  2. modern rustic/rustic chic

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