break to BUILD…

I was flipping through an old box of things that had sports memorabilia from my childhood. I came across two posters: one of them was a golf poster and the other was the only Michael Jordan poster I ever owned (image below). Looking at it the other night I appreciated what the poster is really about. As i child/teenager you think you know everything and you think you can relate to everything and you think that the problems you face are as big as they’ll ever be…of course you’re usually wrong (there are some exceptions though). But, when i look at this poster i’m reminded that you have to constantly live with failure and disappointments in order to succeed. Character is built when you’ve been pushed to the limit, beat to shit and tried beyond what you thought you could handle…and it is then that you’ll begin to see all the things you’ve been successful at achieving.

I love this poster…

While i’m in this sports frame of mind i can’t help but mention my new favorite commercial. Of course, it’s a Jordan brand commercial. It’s called BREAK TO BUILD. Dig the tension that is built with the sounds that aren’t the drums.



And…for good measure, if you’ve never seen the commercial for the above poster…enjoy


~ by amoralgrey on October 27, 2009.

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