to love a city…

New York, I LOVE YOU


When i first saw the trailer for this movie I was a little skeptical because Paris, Je T’iame was such a strong collection of short films. I didn’t want the producers to make a movie about New York that some might say is “derivative” of its predecessor. The idea though, LOVE, in New York…is classically cinematic for so many reasons. The list of movies that have explored love while using New York as the third character in the film is huge. Off the top of my head…WHEN HARRY MET SALLY; AN AFFAIR TO REMEMBER; BAREFOOT IN THE PARK; ANNIE HALL; BREAKFAST AT TIFFANY’S….and the list goes on.

As much as each of these films do an extraordinary job of showing love from a specific point of view, due to the realities around actually making a movie…there are certain love stories that are never shown against the beautiful backdrop of New York City.

But then a movie like NEW YORK, I LOVE YOU is made. A beautiful assortment of short films that show love on the ground level, love in the crevices, love in the gutter, love in the clouds, dated love, modern love and most importantly, love that is real. For those that have never lived in “the city” you’ll get a glimpse of how New York actually is the best wingman you could ever imagine and how even when things don’t end up going the way you want them to…the memories the city gives you will last a lifetime.

See the movie…

and listen to the city’s anthem (i know the song isn’t in the movie…but it’s GREAT!!) EMPIRE STATE OF MIND

new york

good looking on the pic STP!!!


~ by amoralgrey on October 19, 2009.

2 Responses to “to love a city…”

  1. thanks for the post. I didn’t even know this movie was going to come out but now I feel like living in NYC again. Nice! I love New York too.

  2. First, can’t wait to see the film. Second, can’t wait to see the city. Nice movie pitch…

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