Richard Pryor

Sometimes we forget how somethings began. Comedy, or specifically stand up comedy, didn’t begin with Richard Pryor. Before Pryor, there were Cosby and Fox that changed the game. But, when Pryor found his voice…that voice created a whole different brand of comedy. The comics i’ve loved in my life – Eddie Murphy (Raw or Delirious = tears), Chris Rock, Jamie Foxx and Dave Chappelle were all heavily influenced by Pryor and the way he told his stories and the language he used.

For those that don’t like profanity…then Pryor may not be your man…(he may however help you with how best to use profanity!)

Today someone sent me the link below as a, “it’s crazy how true this bit is.” I clicked the link and immediately began to laugh. As with most jokes, you may not be able to completely relate. But, i’ll be damned if that man didn’t have a way of getting you to laugh…wish i could have seen him live.


Richard Pryor


~ by amoralgrey on October 14, 2009.

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