Drifting along…

I’ll be the first to say that when I was initially invited to a screening of the film A DERIVA (dir. Heitor Dhalia), I read the synopsis and i had a decision to make. A decision that i believe a lot of people nowadays have to make before they go see a movie – do i really want to see this type of movie TODAY? Drama…yup, after work…believe it, foreign film…more reading (damn), already tired…always.

But then, I watched the trailer (link below)…I hear portuguese being spoken but i don’t see any subtitles (again, i’m like “damn”). And then, I start paying attention to the shots – THANK GOD there weren’t subtitles (i would’ve been reading, not necessarily watching the images). Even without understanding the words, the story was framed for me.


Of course, I decided to go to the screening – and in doing so, witnessed the marriage of everything i love in film — touching story with characters that resonate (both direction and performances), beautiful cinematography (with an eye toward effectively conveying emotion in a shot) and lastly, a score that moves you through the film (one that doesn’t scream “cry NOW”, “get angry NOW”).

I don’t know if there is a greater compliment that i can give a film than to say what i’m about to say…this film MOVED me.

A Deriva

A Deriva


~ by amoralgrey on September 25, 2009.

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  1. I ‘m a fan of Vincent Cassel family- wife/Monica Belucci, brother/Matthias (french rapper). Though his English films don’t do him much justice (Ocean’s Twelve). I have a huge undercurrent connection to certain foreign films. I gotta feelin this w/b one of them.

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