you call it.

i have a really bad habit of walking places with my headphones on. a few weeks back while in NY i decide to break the bad habit and listen to what’s going on around me. i guess the experiment was two-fold – in turning off the music, my own thoughts turned on more loudly. I’ve kept the experiment going since i’ve returned to LA (who am i really kidding though – how often are you ever out of your car and walking around).

Today while waiting on line at the local coffee shop, i took notice of a father and son. The father – late forties; the son – early twenties…the conversation…SEXUAL HEALING.

Now, when i hear those words, i immediately hear Marvin Gaye’s voice. I see that maroon bath robe he wore on stage in London while singing this song.

But here’s what caught my interest, the Son was explaining why Ben Harper’s cover of Sexual Healing is actually better than the original. The father – utterly disgusted that his own offspring could say such a thing began to apologize to all of us around him for having to listen to “this crap kids spew these days.” Clearly, it was all in jest but the debate was an interesting one to witness.

Is it a generational disconnect? Food for thought…

You tell me….(i do have an opinion by the way)

Marvin Gaye

Ben Harper




~ by amoralgrey on September 24, 2009.

4 Responses to “you call it.”

  1. I had a longer answer, but in the end it comes down to this: Marvin’s just got more soul.

  2. I’m sorry? What’s the debate here? Sure, Ben’s cute. Great guitar, Ben. I even enjoy those adorable little braids my kid sister wore up until she got old enough to tell my mother she wanted to hit the beauty shop with the rest of the Hall women. We’re forgetting one thing… This is a COVER of an R&B classic responsible for more babies than the pull out method. I would rant, but why bother? 1 – Marvin 0 – Harper

  3. The distinction is clear. Marvin Gaye sings from psychology- he’s not just talking about sex. Sex is a medicine w/this expression- remember- whn he came back from Vietnam, he didn’t do any more Motown records. He went right into What’s going on & then later this emerged. Ben’s version is more artsy for a man entering upon a brink of life. (my opinion of course.)

  4. I cant even imagine how the son might have formulated an argument both for Harper & against Marvin?! … its Marvin Gaye, its 3-0 to Marvin easy… i might have just ‘generalization[ed]’ myself? is is a fair question for generations to even debate? i think so… ive always been a fan of Talk Talk’s “its my life” which since i’m 33 is my generation… but i also love No Doubt’s cover.

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