New Orleans…

•June 1, 2010 • 1 Comment

For the past year or so, the frequency in which folks have expressed to me their desire to visit New Orleans has gone through the roof. Post-Katrina lure…probably. Can i be such a cynic, absolutely not. There are arguments that speak to both the pros and cons of this increased popularity – interesting point of views (especially if you ask someone who is a New Orleans native). Economically, there are reasons that would justify the recent influx…Lousianna film tax incentive and the new HBO show TREME to name a couple.

Recently, a business trip to New Orleans opened my eyes to a city that is truly unlike any i’ve ever seen before. As i rode in a cab to a uptown bar (at 2 o clock in the morning) i found myself having an interesting convo with the cabbie about what makes New Orleans “Nawlins” to it’s natives…the answer – “it’s simple, black or white, rich or poor, we all share a love for music first, and good food second!”

On my flight back home, i found myself running through the music i’d heard and the food i’d eaten and i couldn’t help but laugh at how right the cabbie was. Below are a couple of bands i thoroughly enjoyed while i was in New Orleans.


REBIRTH BRASS BAND – (Feel Like Funkin It Up – is a song you might recognize)


“You’ve got a No No going…”

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It’s weird how many people don’t take the time to laugh (crazy idea right?). Sometimes i find myself in the middle of a ridiculously long ass day and the thing i need most is to simply laugh. Laughter…it’ll get the tension out of your back. Laughter…it’ll make you live longer (so i hear). Laughter…it makes you 50x more attractive (no one wants to be with a ruddy poop).

That being said, do yourself a favor and laugh about something. And in case you have nothing to laugh about, i’ve got the remedy. Click on the link below and watch the fantastic TRUE tale of Dock Ellis (Pitcher) and his famous LSD induced No Hitter.


What inspires me…Art

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A friend of mine recently sent me a link to a painter/sculptor named Erika Iris Simmons…

I was immediately interested in the work cause i love mixed media art (especially when it portrays musicians in creative and unique way). Her works are often noted for their innovative style that focuses on recycling found materials, such as old cassettes and used books. Below are a couple of images from a series “Ghost in the Machine” that i really liked.

What inspires me…Magazines

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Lately, i’ve been most inspired when reading the magazine Monocle. Yes, i get GQ and other great magazines that keep me current on a number of subjects, but Monocle is the one magazine that i read regularly that covers any number of subject matter that i find interesting. Global in it’s focus, Monocle covers everything from travel, to politics, to business, to culture…

I wouldn’t say this magazine is for everyone, but it’s definitely one that reminds me to travel, see, and be a part of the world at large…

Check it out…

What inspires me….fashion

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I decided today to do a series of post on stuff that inspires me. Be it music, fashion, books, or magazines…today will be a glimpse into what is currently pushing me forward.

That being said, lets start with Fashion. At the start of the year (literally New Year’s day), i found myself walking down a street in San Francisco with a friend and we came upon a store that caught my eye: THE BROOKLYN CIRCUS…(see picture below). Naturally, the store was closed but when i got back home, i looked up the store online and ever since, i’ve been in awe of the level of individuality that this crew is able to achieve by how they approach fashion.

In the morning, when i’m thinking about just tossing on something to hurry up and get to work, i now find myself asking two very simple questions…”what does my outfit say about me? am I anywhere in this outfit?” You’d be surprised what dressing with a purpose actually does.

Love the clothes, love the look, love the goal of the brand….check it out

Visual art…

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One of the coolest video’s i’ve seen in a long while…. “Over” by Drake

kinda reminds me a little of the visual element that was explored during the GLOW IN THE DARK tour.

Dope song…VERY dope video (Anthony Mandler is a BEAST)

Click and enjoy the video

TIGER and NIKE…the relationship we all wish we had.

•April 8, 2010 • 1 Comment

There are a million things to say about Tiger Woods right now. His personal life, in my opinion is HIS personal life and his life to fix. What’s happened in the media has been nothing short of sad/embarrassing but nothing that we haven’t seen before (remember Kobe?) The last few weeks i’ve been anxiously waiting for Tigers return to professional golf and specifically THE MASTERS. I wasn’t surprised when Tiger began to lose endorsements, i wasn’t surprised by Gatorade’s move, but today, when i saw Nike’s first Tiger Woods commercial since the shit storm surrounding his personal life began…i was absolutely surprised.

In a world where (as my brother so aptly put it “when heroes fall, they fall far”) we collectively forget that in the end we are dealing with ordinary people, I found the notion of simply humanizing Tiger was a genius idea.

All of it, (everything that needs to be said/asked when dealing with any mistake) through the words and the questions of his father…

check it out